A Fresno, California station developed a contest to increase name awareness of a local fun park. Viewers were invited to go to a number of local businesses to fill out entry forms. There were daily draws from prizes provided by the co-sponsors, held daily on the station at 3pm and 5pm, and winners had 26 minutes to call in and claim their prizes. In addition, the grand prize drawing was held at the park, where a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle made a special appearance to meet children and sign autographs.

The station produced four different commercials for the campaign. The first ran four weeks, and featured a description of the contest, and shots of the park. The second ran for two weeks and featured shots of the park, as well as the drawings of the daily winners. The third commercial promoted the final draw day, and the appearance by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. The final spot showed the grand prize winner, and thanked the park for the event.

The sponsor agreed to purchase a schedule far greater than its usual advertising commitment. The co-sponsors gave away daily prizes, bought air time, and provided entry forms for the draws.

Parents and children were attracted to the park for the Grand Prize drawing, and the image of the park was enhanced. The station benefitted from a positive campaign, which led the main sponsor to committing to other events.

Demographics: FAMILY
Season: ALL-YEAR
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