5G Connectivity Is Poking Its Head Above the Horizon and Consumers and Advertisers Are Thrilled

Through various reports, Media Group Online has been helping to prepare and you and your clients for 5G connectivity. As it slowly (and eventually very quickly) becomes the new norm, a new Verizon Media survey of 1,779 consumers and 295 advertisers reveals why so many are thrilled at the prospects.


According to the survey, 70% of the participating consumers said they were familiar with 5G and its benefits, unsurprisingly, 23% of those 18–34 said they were extremely familiar.


Consumers’ Perceived Benefits of 5G Connectivity, 2019



Faster data-transfer speeds


Higher definition video content


Consistent and better quality video streaming


Better and faster connectivity for wearables


Fewer or no dropped calls


                       Verizon Media, March 2019


Because the evolution from 4G to 5G is not an incremental change, but likely to be one of the more profound technological advancements of the first half of the 21st century, advertisers are also licking their lips in anticipation of how it will enhance their messages and delivery.


Advertisers’ Perceived Benefits of 5G Connectivity, 2019



Already planning for 5G


Better consumer experiences


Opportunity to use new or additional creative formats


Advancements in real-time, location-based targeting


Better access to high-quality data


               Verizon Media, March 2019


As the mobile channel continues to dominate all digital media (and all media probably eventually), consumers and advertisers are particularly eager to experience a totally new mobile experience.


Consumers and advertisers also expect 5G to propel augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) further into the mainstream.


As we emphasized repeatedly with social media, mobile marketing and other new advertising channels, local retailers/advertisers must devote quality time to become educated about 5G connectivity and how it will affect their businesses.


Waiting to learn about 5G and avoiding the “classroom” is not an option, as 5G and all its many benefits will overwhelm those who aren’t prepared to understand it and use it wisely. You can bet the ranch their competitors will not hesitate.