Media Audiences Are Moving Targets – Improve Your Clients’ Aim

With so many media and content choices, many of today’s consumers are almost like hummingbirds: they are attracted to a particular medium at a particular time to access specific content (and sip on the nectar), and then just as quickly move to a different flower.

New data and studies from a number of credible sources (ComScore, MRI-Simmons and Marketing Charts) reveal some important trends among very specific medium consumer groups.

  • Newspaper readership skews affluent – Not exactly a surprising discovery. With 44.2% of adult newspaper readers have a minimum household income of $100,000, and 55.9% a minimum of $75,000, local advertisers with products and services that appeal to these demographics will be able to maximize the value of their newspaper ad dollars.
  • Latinx Americans are not newspaper readers – A critical sub-trend of newspaper readership is Latinx Americans only index at 65, compared to the average adult. Plus, although Latinx Americans’ share of the US adult population is significantly larger than African American adults, both have approximately the same share of local newspaper readership, or 10.6% and 10.5%, respectively.
  • Latinx Americans have their ears glued to Internet radio – As with newspapers, Latinx Americans are not major audiences for most traditional media. Internet radio is what attracts a higher index of them, or 21% more than all other Internet radio listeners.
  • Wealthy consumers like Snapchat – Here’s a counterintuitive trend almost no one could have predicted. Although LinkedIn is where you’ll find more Americans with incomes of approximately $100K, number two is Snapchat. Not only did they over-index at 116 for Snapchat, but also 112 for Instagram and 113 for Pinterest.
  • Gen Xers congregate on newspaper and magazine Websites – The oldest adults certainly dominate print newspapers readership; however, Generation X members (and some older Millennials), or adults 35–44, over-index by 30 points as the prime visitors to newspaper and magazine Websites.

Share these insights with your prospects and clients and show them how to target specific audiences more accurately and use their ad dollars wisely.