Source:, July 2020

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Motorists have not seen much change at the pump over the past few weeks as gas prices volatility remains low.

A gas pumpThe national gas price average held steady on the week at $2.19 as one-third of states saw gas prices decrease and only 10 states saw gas prices increase by 2 to 4 cents. State averages saw minimal fluctuation as demand roughly held steady over the last four weeks, AAA reported.

“During the last month, demand has averaged about 8.6 million [barrels per day] while, gasoline stocks have steadily declined,” said Jeanette Casselano, AAA spokesperson. “Week by week, we are seeing mostly regional fluctuation at the pump based on gasoline supply and demand.”

AAA national gas prices for July 20

According to AAA, the top states with the largest changes are Indiana, Michigan and Ohio; each saw prices decrease by 6 cents for the past week. The nation’s top least expensive markets are Mississippi ($1.83), Louisiana ($1.86) and Arkansas ($1.88).


In the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast, North Carolina (3-cent decrease), West Virginia (2-cent decrease) and Maine (2-cent increase) saw the largest swings at the pump on the week. All other Mid-Atlantic and Northeast state averages increased or decreased by a penny, while others saw no change at all. Gas prices in the region range from $2.43 in Pennsylvania to $2.00 in Virginia.

States in the Rockies region saw gas price impacts of only a penny on the week. Montana ($2.21) and Wyoming ($2.15) each saw an increase; Utah ($2.27) and Colorado ($2.46) a decrease; and Idaho ($2.34) saw no change at all.

Gas price increases in the West Coast region were moderate last week, with most states seeing their averages increasing by 2 cents. Hawaii ($3.21) and California ($3.14) remain the most expensive markets in the country. Washington ($2.79), Oregon ($2.66), Nevada ($2.64), Alaska ($2.52) and Arizona ($2.35) follow.

In the South and Southeast, gas prices pushed 4 cents, at most, in either direction with New Mexico (4 cents) and Texas (3 cents) seeing the largest increases and Florida (3 cents) seeing the largest decline. The region continues to see the lowest state averages in the country.

Moving to the Great Lakes region, motorists are seeing gas price fluctuation on the week. With a 6-cent decrease, Indiana ($2.16), Michigan ($2.19) and Ohio ($2.12) top the list for this week’s largest changes in the country.