Source:, August 2020

How to Overcome Floral Purchasing Barriers in Millennials

When you’re marketing flowers to millennials, particularly in current times, it’s crucial to know their purchasing barriers. A study published by AFE and the Floral Marketing Research Fund contains a wealth of data on these barriers and how to overcome them. The following points can help you in your floral marketing efforts to this vital target customer.

Millennials’ Purchasing Barriers

Three main barriers come up when millennials consider purchasing flowers: Expense, short life span, and inability to care for them properly.

  • Expense:

Price is the primary barrier for about 75% of millennial consumers. It’s a more significant issue for women than men, most likely due to their different uses: Women tend to purchase flowers for themselves as well as gifts, while men mostly buy flowers only for gifts.

  • Short life span:

Many millennials don’t want to buy flowers because they don’t last long. They don’t perceive the flowers as having short-term value and prefer to purchase things that will be around for a more extended period.

  • Inability to care for flowers:

Approximately 12% of millennials surveyed stated that they don’t know how to care for flowers properly, which contributes to them not lasting long. Additionally, they believe that floral products don’t last long in their homes due to air conditioning, pets, and other factors.

How to Overcome These Barriers

Now that you know the barriers, here are a few ways you can overcome them and increase your millennial customer base.

  • Sales Promotions and Discounts:

Based on the study results, a majority of millennials responded that they would buy more floral products if there were discounts. They also prefer in-store coupons or BOGO deals, as well as loyalty programs. Offering discounts and promotions online and in-store will go a long way towards overcoming the price barrier.

  • Ease of Care:

Helping millennials learn how to care for their flowers will overcome this barrier. Assisting with floral care may entail giving free flower food with purchases, including a card or leaflet with tips on how to care for their flowers, or offering free workshops on floral care and handling.

  • Demonstrating Floral Benefits:

Make flowers more relevant for millennials by clearly showing their benefits. Educate them on how flowers can help the environment, both in their homes and outside. As well, communicate the mental and physical health benefits of flowers in your promotions and across social media.

  • Increasing Engagement with Flowers:

Per the study, millennials replied that they perceive flowers as experience-oriented. Find ways to increase their engagement with flowers through different fun experiences, such as online workshops and contests on social media. Show them how flowers enhance any experience, and that experimenting with flowers can be a fun experience all by itself.

Use this information in all your marketing efforts. You’ll see dramatic increase in sales to millennials, now and well into the future.