An Almost Unstoppable Industry

  • Few industries benefited so much from the pandemic as RVs and campers, although wholesale shipments during March, April and May 2020 decreased significantly YOY: -20.3%, -82.1% and -29.5%, respectively.
  • As more Americans sought an escape route from the pandemic, June, July and August 2020 became the best three-month period ever for retail registrations in the US and Canada: June 70,400, +40.7% YOY; July 70,806, +27.6% YOY; and August 56,096, +14% YOY.
  • The trend continued into September and October, with 46,763 September registrations (+29.9% YOY) and 40,467 October registrations (+17.5% YOY). Despite a slow start to 2020, the RV Industry Association (RVIA) projected a 6% YOY increase for all of 2020.