RESEARCH: Amazon Rated as Top Media Sales Organization by Ad Execs

RESEARCH: Amazon Rated as Top Media Sales Organization by Ad Execs

In the media business, a new sheriff is in town, and it’s neither Facebook nor Google. Based on the latest data released by The Myers Report, the #1 media sales organization, as rated by agency and advertiser professionals, is Amazon. Google is close behind as the second-best ranked organization. Each of 700 pre-validated survey respondents is asked to identify the sales organizations with which they are in a business relationship. Each respondent is then asked to rate their selected organizations on a 1 to 6 scale for ten performance attributes. The number of respondents for each organization varies. Amazon was rated by 342 of the 700 respondents, following only Google at 479 and Instagram at 378. The 70 respondents in a relationship with New York Interconnect think highly enough of the organization to rank them third overall across the ten attributes. Learn more about the strategies that elevated New York Interconnect at

Rankings are based on the average percentage of respondents rating each organization 6/5/4 on the six-point scale, with ratings weighted to provide added value to Top-1 and Top-2 Box scores. In addition to Amazon, Google and New York Interconnect, the industry highest rated sales organizations are Twitter, eBay, TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram, Spotify and Samsung Ads. It’s important to note that the average positive ratings (Top 2-Box) across all ranked sales organizations is 65%, with the lowest rated organization achieving a positive rating of 53%, meaning that ALL media sales organizations rated by The Myers Report achieved positive performance rankings. It’s notable that for the first time the top performing sales organization list is dominated by digital and data-driven organizations, and that overall positive ratings have steadily declined over the past three years.

This dynamic reflects the widened aperture through which media agencies and advertiser media professionals are viewing their media options, while TV networks remain closely connected to an important but shrinking subset of senior national television buyers and planners. The growing number of digital-and-data focused respondents to The Myers Report respondent base may be in a business relationship with national TV sales reps, but their primary connections are more likely to center on digital sellers and data intermediaries, thereby elevating the Top 1-Box and Top-2 box ratings for these organizations, while pushing the traditional leaders in The Myers Report ratings down to Top-3 and Top-4 Box.

Subscribers to The Myers Report and MediaVillage members can scroll down to see the TOP 20 Media Sales Organizations, based on 40+ respondents to those organizations included in The Myers Report Survey of 700 Advertiser and Agency Executives. A supplemental list of low respondent companies (20-39 respondents) that achieved positive brand ratings higher than the average of the top ranked larger organizations is also included below.

Top performers in that group are Trusted Media Brands, Inscape, MediaMath, Roundel Media Reimagined by Target, and Viamedia.

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