Michelin Tire is ready for the summer “Get Long-Lasting Control” sales campaign. Plan local dealers’ summer advertising schedules now. Use the co-op advertising program to increase seasonal tire sales and share all qualifying advertising costs.

The Offers:

    • Michelin is offering a $70 MasterCard Reward Card with the purchase of a set of any four Michelin passenger or light truck tires between June 13 and July 12, 2018.
  • Contact the regional sales representative for further information.

These promotion details may be subject to change at any time. Verify specifics related to your dealer(s) with the manufacturer before committing to any ad program. Prior approval is highly recommended for all co-op advertising.

Use the Michelin co-op plan to share the cost of advertising this promotion and all local dealer advertising. *The dealer can receive up to 125% reimbursement for qualifying exclusively Michelin co-op advertising. 125% reimbursement is available only with prior approval to indirect dealers advertising select tires.

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Accrual: Varies
Reimbursement: 25-125%*
Accrual Period: 1/1-12/31 – Current year
Performance Period: 1/1-12/31
Qualifying Media: TV, Radio, Print, Outdoor, Digital
Ad Planner Availability: Print Ads, Broadcast Scripts, Digital Ads

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