1. Grocery and beverage retailers can continue to promote larger packs of beer that have increased in popularity during the pandemic. Consider offering a free can/bottle of a non-beer type/brand with every 24-pack or 30-pack purchased.
  2. With backyard and other parties expected to return during the summer, beverage retailers can consider partnering with specialty food retailers who don’t sell beer to promote a party package of beer and prepared/catered party foods.
  3. Although the non-alcoholic beer sub-category is small compared to most of the other sub-categories, beverage retailers can benefit from its large increase in popularity during 2020 by featuring these brands more, and with a promotional offer.

New Media Strategies

  1. Beverage retailers can use the health and wellness movement to engage a local influencer (health club owner, fitness coach, etc.) and utilize social media to share content about how one can be fit and healthy and still enjoy a beer, hard seltzer and cider.
  2. Beverage retailers may want to partner with local or regional craft breweries to create and post content, preferably short videos, on social media to promote the breweries and offer a digital coupon for consumers who share their craft beer stories.
  3. Use social media to conduct a poll/survey asking consumers if they’ve tried flavored malt beverages and hard seltzers and ciders and their experience with these beverages and how much they enjoy these options from traditional beer types.